Digital solution to accelerate legal processes & enhance the client experience

The Brief

Running a legal practice can be incredibly complicated. Beyond managing court documents and cases, hourly billing and accounting can be immensely time-consuming. A Texas law firm was looking to make data-driven decisions to make things easier. The mission was to develop a dashboard that can help them manage day-to-day workflows and business operations within their law practice.

The Challenge

The challenge boiled down to providing local payouts at a fair exchange rate and enabling compliance for the company. We needed to ensure all our employees received fair value conversion and were able to be paid on time, every time. For us, we need to ensure our workers are staying compliant with their local and US laws.

Our Approach

Our team used to sync HubSpot with the data to the SQL database. Then, developed a python server that took the data from Freshbooks and synced it to a SQL database. We also wrote complex SQL queries that merged the two data sets. Our team built the dashboard in Mode Analytics, which visualized all of the SQL queries using their advanced dashboard and report builder. We were able to get this done in the Mode’s free version.

Upon deployment, we delivered a business intelligence tool that will allow lawyers to dedicate more time to more valuable tasks. The dashboard gave answers to questions such as who should I bill this month, who are our lowest value customers, and who are our high-value customers? Having a comprehensive database that can be accessed anywhere through the internet also enhanced their client experience.

The Metrics

Enhanced Client Experience

Billing & Invoice Automation

Billing & Invoice Automation

About the Company

Amini & Conant is a Texas-based law firm that provides corporate, litigation, and IP solutions to companies and individuals dealing with complex matters. They offer exceptional, multidisciplinary client service with a deep understanding of the legal landscape. They believe in accelerating their clients’ understanding of the process to decrease stress and increase effectiveness.