The Brief

It’s a challenge for most families to stay emotionally close and present in the lives of their aging loved ones. This lack of communication and attention can create feelings of isolation for those receiving care. This has opened up new opportunities in the healthcare tech industry. Leading the world in essentials for a better life, Kimberly-Clark saw value in digital connections and how it can force new ways of communication in caregiving communities. They were looking for a way to better connect children with their parents as they age and a more efficient way for caregivers to create a bond with care receivers.

The Challenge

Connecting the care receivers to caregivers in a collaborative dashboard that allowed shared lists and reminders presented several UX and engineering challenges. There were obstacles to creating an Alexa skill to supplement the dashboard, and adding things to the list without needing a device. Our team had to come up with a better UX for elderly people, and consider more user-friendly interface elements. We had to use Fitbit devices to add more data to the dashboard. Finally, we needed to build and implement a strong brand to tie it all together.

Our Approach

We started with the branding and user mapping, to identify user needs, the processes and requirements to be implemented. We made sure that the UI/UX design process ran thoughtfully, considering user behavior. Our team shaped the final designs according to our client’s expectations. We were able to deliver a mobile and web experience with integrations to Fitbit and Alexa to share shopping lists, reminders, activities, love sharing, and more. The application features several factors identified by Kimberly-Clark as being critical challenges facing care receivers, loved ones, and caregivers.

The Metrics


Love Sent


Reminders and To-Do List


Alexa Voice Command Actions

About the Company

Caregivify is a digital platform for Kimberly-Clark Corporation that aims to provide caregivers the flexibility to manage caregiving using a computer, mobile device, or their voice. It’s a helpful tool for family members to maintain companionship and human connection through video and audio conferencing. Kimberly-Clark and its well-known global brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries. They are fueled by ingenuity, creativity, and an understanding of people’s most essential needs.