The Brief

Dave Inc, a leading US challenger bank, needed a world-class website that was accessible and easy for their existing 7+ million members and new users to use. They also needed a banking dashboard to help launch their checking account product.

The Challenge

Short term loan apps have become a very popular financial product over the recent years, but have also earned a bad reputation as money-draining traps. There are short term loan companies out there that have mistreated their customers in the past, and people assume that all the companies are like that. The challenge was to implement a website that will draw people in, regardless of their feelings towards loan companies.

Because Dave is a FinTech institution, the road of ideal website development is not as smooth as it might appear. Security is a major concern and regulatory compliance can be a cumbersome procedure. This is when the Dave team brought in Outliant. They needed help in developing a user-friendly website that meets the expectations of today’s tech-savvy users, is easy to manage, and runs at a high-security level.

Our Approach

With the rise of easy to use payday advance apps, users’ expectations for short term loans are changing rapidly. They expect online services to be simple to initiate with money appearing almost instantly. With a FinTech website, even the simplest goals are the most difficult to execute. We approached the challenge with an intense look at who the users will be. These weren’t your average users. These are individuals who incorporate digitalization in their daily life and expect a high degree of personalized banking experience.

We came up with a solution that helped Dave attract new potential members and be more accessible online. We teamed up with their illustrators and motion designers to create a well-designed and optimized website that is perceptive, creative, and informative. We worked hand-in-hand in a highly collaborative environment to help ensure every animation and user interaction was pixel perfect. The end result is a highly personalized banking experience that can meet the needs of each member, offering solutions for a better financial future.

The Metrics


Higher user retention

Low page load times

About the Company

Dave is a FinTech startup valued at over $1.2B. They have raised over $180M and have over 7 million users. Winner of the prestigious JP Morgan 2017 Financial Solutions Lab, Dave is created to help people avoid bank overdraft fees. The company offers a credit-building app that lets users borrow cash advances up to $100 without interest. More so, Dave provides budgeting assistance and paycheck advances to anyone in need.