Bringing live music back to the stage.

Live performance revenue has been the biggest casualty of the ongoing pandemic. Major events, concert tours, award shows, and festivals were canceled or postponed. But the music industry is fighting back with new ways to monetize music consumption. The mission was to develop a platform that encapsulated a live music experience. For fans to feel the energy and quality of a live concert from anywhere. For artists to play more shows, sell more tickets, and expand their audience base.

The Challenge

After Mandolin raised a larger than expected round, they needed to build an MVP fast. The Mandolin team was well aware that they needed more firepower to build out other aspects of the platform quickly. This is when they brought in Outliant to develop a unique and user-friendly artist portal. It is where artists could run their shows, so it needed to be intuitive and loaded with features artists expect to have when setting up a live show at a venue. They wanted the experience to be enjoyable for all Mandolin platform users so that any artist or band that has tried it will eventually come back for more performances.

Our Approach

Using Agile and our round-the-clock world wide development mythology, we were able to turn a concept into a working artist portal. It was designed to deliver a rich, intuitive experience and worked seamlessly with the rest of the Mandolin platform within 3 weeks. The portal allowed artists to register their account, hook up their instruments to the live stream, and see what audience members are chatting about during their show.

As we began to dive into their systems, we discovered some of manual processes that could be avoided entirely. One of the most time consuming tasks the Mandolin team was currently facing was the amount of engineering hours it took to set up a show. Using structured design thinking, the Outliant team built an admin panel that gave their dev ops team the ability to create and manage shows without Mandolin's engineering team having to get involved.

The two components that we built for the platform effectively allowed the Mandolin team to scale, from only being able to host a single live show per month to hosting more than 3 concerts a week. COVID-19 may have prevented music fans from seeing their favorite artists in local venues. But the virus could not stop music fans from seeing their favorite artists from the comfort of their own home - with the help of Mandolin.

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About the Company

Founded in 2020, Mandolin is the first livestream platform built to recreate the live concert experience that the pandemic had taken away. Within a few months of launching, Mandolin had been able to develop a new revenue channel with the industry’s best audio solution and digital ticketing options that allowed artists to monetize their shows. The platform is also designed to offer fans a unique experience that they would never forget.