The Brief

ORI needed a partner who can guide them through an extensive brand refresh that included their online presence. The mission was to recreate their outdated website in order to fully express what they’ve become and what they stood for. They wanted an updated web experience that would show the functionality of their product, while providing a strong funnel for their sales team.

The Challenge

ORI products choreograph motion into the home and thus we needed to design an experience that would do the same. It has to be an intuitive website they could continually update internally with new products, while easily representing their brand. We had to combine these aspects with a user flow that also allowed their sales teams to improve their processes made for a unique project.

Our Approach

ORI needed a complimenting web presence that could help build relationships with new customers. We worked collaboratively with their marketing team within a 6-week design sprint to map out the problems, validate concepts, and test solutions. Constant communication was observed throughout the development process which took around 4 weeks to complete. From design, animation, and development, we created something beautiful, functional, and memorable for the ORI team.

The Metrics

Improved visual experience
More engaging product flow
Clean, animated, alive

About the Company

ORI is a smart space company that connects technology, architecture, and design, to provide digitally-powered interior solutions. They are challenging old conventions of square footage and fixed floor plans, empowering people to live large in a small footprint. They offer space-saving products such as cloud beds, pocket closets and offices.