The Brief

Solar companies are spread out over a dozen enterprise applications, often resulting in misplaced data, higher costs, decreased productivity, and insufficient processes. PlugPV needed a sleeker, more effective central hub for their workforce. They wanted to take all of their tools and put them into a simple-to-use dashboard, so the business can focus on innovation, sales, and success.

The Challenge

A lot of solar tools have no APIs and do not allow their system to be iframed. Part of the challenge was to integrate a wide variety of platforms and tools into one. Our team had to get deep into the sales process and the UX flow. We also had to make sure that it can easily be updated if tools change, and can expand to other departments beyond sales in the future.

Our Approach

In addition to integrating with APIs supported by some of the solar tools, we built out a comprehensive headless browser queue that programmatically manipulates web pages via a headless version of Chrome. In order to meet the dashboard demand of the PlugPV workforce, we had autoscaling policies in place to increase or decrease servers to take on work out of the queue. The Outliant team aggregated data across all services in Elasticsearch for advanced analytics and segmentation.

The Metrics

external services integrated

data points collected everyday

About the Company

PlugPV is a premier solar energy and battery storage provider with more than 100 years of combined experience. They specialize in custom solar solutions for homeowners and small businesses. Their goal is to solve the energy dynamic in every home, making sure each client experiences a seamless and enjoyable transition to solar.