The Brief

Public Goods, a new-age e-commerce company, wanted a better way to get insights into their business. So, they partnered with the Outliant team to implement Mixpanel. With technology evolving rapidly and shopping trends shifting daily, e-commerce businesses must anticipate changes in the market using reliable data insights. This is where effective analytics come into play.

The Challenge

Implementing analytics solutions often requires a lot of diligence. We processed statistical information from all areas of their marketing and sales activities. We had to ensure that all of the data goes into the system right away, so it can generate insights that will provide value to the organization. We wanted the client to understand where there’s room to optimize their website by visualizing how users navigate the web pages.

Our Approach

We planned out the key performance indicators that Public Goods wanted to measure. From there, we were able to assign events to the KPIs and come up with the triggers which fired the events. We meticulously dug into the user behavior and segmented it in every possible way. We processed in-product data to show how users interact with their products and why they do the specific things they do. By implementing Mixpanel, the client is now able to measure conversation rate, see top-selling products, and review customer journeys.

The Metrics

Ability to measure funnel conversion rate
Ability to see top selling products
Ability to review customer journey history

About the Company

Public Goods is a new-age e-commerce company that sells healthy, sustainable goods at direct-to-consumer prices. They offer personal care products, household essentials, and grocery items in simple, minimalist packaging. They are committed to making healthier, more informed choices easy and accessible to all to entice more people to care for the environment.