The Brief

The client sought to build a new product entirely from scratch, unlike anything that exists on the market. They decided on a chrome extension that adds real-time overlays to live sports, specifically NFL, in the browser. The mission was to create a tool that will give users insights into their Fantasy Football league with real-time updates of their team stats and performance.

The Challenge

Since the chrome extension had to be ready for the NFL season, we had a tight window to launch the product. We had to determine a tech stack, backend architecture, and APIs that could work together to deliver the unique functionality needed. Supporting private Fantasy Football leagues also presented some unique challenges, because every website handles video differently.

Our Approach

Our team built a proprietary video hijacking solution to add the Scrollr overlay to multiple video players, as well as supporting the overlays in full-screen. We also built out a proprietary back-end architecture that enabled the support of private leagues in a way that’s seamless to the user. We used ReactJS, Node/Express & Websocket, and injected HTML, JS, jQuery, and CSS. For APIs, it involved direct calling of ESPN Fantasy Football API endpoints and using a third-party API client. Upon deployment, we were able to deliver a chrome extension that makes it easier to stay in the sporting loop online.


sports video players supported


league metrics available


stats breakdown feature

About the Company

Scrollr is a new tech company with a single, focused product – a chrome extension that overlays your real-time fantasy stats onto live sports videos across the web.