The Brief

Travel and hospitality businesses survive based on the reviews they get on review platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Tripadvisor. Online ratings and reviews increase consumer confidence, boost online visibility, and can dramatically increase sales. We wanted to build a product that can help businesses in the tourism industry get more positive reviews from customers who love them.

The Challenge

We wanted to offer a tool that allows users to answer questions, collect good reviews, send reminders, and get feedback all on the same platform. The challenge was to build an automated booking integration that works with any review platform including Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Tripadvisor. We wanted it to automatically bring in reviews from a scheduling tool, then send an email and a text exactly after the customer's trip or experience ends.

Our Approach

Our focus was to architect the Smart Review tool in a way that allowed business owners to set and forget it was running. We deployed a team capable of building a platform that allowed business owners to onboard themselves, connect their scheduling calendar to the tool, update the messages, and then have the tool run automatically. We were able to launch a booking integration with a suite of products that will help businesses achieve greatness. It offers features such as SMS messaging, automated review scheduler, automated emails, and contact retrieval.

The Metrics


messages sent


positive reviews generated

High retention rate

About the Company

Smart Review is a part of Outliant ventures. It is built for tourism and activity businesses looking to increase their reviews and grow their business. The goal is to get your business more reviews so it can thrive in the increasingly competitive tourism landscape. The Smart Review tool allows business owners to easily send review requests to customers, text messages, and custom-branded emails.