The Brief

The Brief

Storylytics was created as a collaboration between Outliant and We identified there's a major skills gap between analytics tools and the average Shopify store owner. How can analytics be simplified enough to make it useful and actionable for "non-numbers" people? Storylytics is here to disrupt the way Shopify store owners optimize their stores by providing all of the data without any of the guesswork.

The Challenge

Data is only as useful as the questions you ask of it. The problem is how, as a store owner, do you know which questions to ask, how to answer them, and then which actions to take? Most analytics products just present data tables and require the user to format the data to answer the relevant questions. Moreover, analytics requires "implementation" which presents a whole new realm of challenges. The challenge: how can we build a plug-n-play analytics tool for "non-numbers" people that is extremely insightful and actionable?

Our Approach

We approached the problem first by deciding to begin with the Shopify ecosystem. Since Shopify is a closed system they have standardized URL structures, a data layer, and a robust API. Additionally, Shopify apps allow for plug-n-play functionality as our javascript snippet and API connection can be done without any implementation needed from the store owner.

The Metrics

Each section has its own key questions. Quickly see the high-level metrics for greater story context.

Drill down into each section of your store for the ultimate context. And yes, you can segment the data for tailored stories.

About the Company

Outliant and are the brains behind Storylytics. They've worked with thousands of Shopify stores and e-commerce business owners to identify and answer the key questions every store owner needs to ask.