The Brief

Vandever Capital was looking for a way to establish their brand as market leaders in commercial real estate investment banking. The mission was to design a stunning brand, website, and an interactive real-time dashboard for visualizing macro economic indicators, interest rates, and treasury yields.

The Challenge

Vandever Capital wanted the brand to be both modern and sleek, with a performant website and analytics dashboard. We needed to integrate their financial data services to provide rates on index funds, LIBOR, treasury yields, and more, all in real-time down to the minute. The dashboard should allow a user to interact with graphs. This will allow them to draw their own conclusions about current market conditions that may impact their decisions working in the commercial real estate sector.

Our Approach

We started by closely collaborating with the client in several strategic branding and messaging sessions to know exactly how they wanted to project their brand to the world. We discussed possible analytics dashboard experiences and how to pull in real-time data in a performant way. Next, we implemented a custom javascript website to enable the performance and customizability required. After several iterations, we had a product that Vandever Capital was proud to share with clients and exemplified their status as a market leader.

The Metrics

Data is aggregated from several sources in real-time and updated every minute.

Millions of data points are combined and displayed in interactive charts, tickers, and percentages.

Page load times are less than 200ms and Tweets are pulled in real-time to be displayed on the home page.

About the Company

Vandever Capital is a specialized, commercial real estate investment banking firm. They work with clients to underwrite, structure, and procure debt and equity capital from the world’s largest investment banks, regional financial institutions, life insurance companies, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, hedge funds, and high net-worth investors.