Industry leading companies heavily rely on data & analytics to better nurture and develop customer relationships. Assembling the right mix of data-driven tools and analysis that are tailored to answer your key business questions, are critical to achieving customer growth and increasing lifetime value.

Let’s Link Data to Revenue

Data that doesn’t yield results, doesn’t matter. We are experts in crafting analytics strategies that separate signal from noise to deliver insights that allow world class brands to grow.

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Our Data Driven Expertise’s

Based on historical data, using Outliant for these services is highly correlated with large scale growth.

  • Data Requirements Discovery

    Work with us to find out the questions you need answered in order to facilitate bottom line growth.

    Tool Recommendations

    After analyzing your tech stack, we will make tool recommendations that answer your business’s biggest questions.

    Data Specification

    Our data scientists will find out the metrics you need to track in order to answer your questions and provide a plan on how to track these metrics.

    Implement Tools

    We will implement or support implementation of tools to ensure that your business is properly extracting the right data.

    Data Audit

    We will ensure that every aspect of your implementation is correct by doing a thorough QA.


    Our data scientists will find out which metrics you need track in order to answer your questions and provide a plan on how to track these metrics.

    Baseline Reporting

    Let’s visualize the data into an easy-to-understand dashboard-worthy report.

  • Big Data Scoping

    Let’s ensure that your data infrastructure is built right the first time because your business’s biggest decisions will depend on it. Our team will ensure that the best approach to storage, analysis, data frameworks, and data models is taken to ensure long-term analytics success.

    Data Pipeline Architecture and Implementation

    After analyzing your tech stack, we will make tool recommendations that answer your business biggest questions.

    ETL Architecture and Implementation

    Every big data analytic project requires moving data from one piece of technology to another. We will help you develop ETL solutions to ensure that your data is clean upon arrival to any technology of your choosing.

    Architect and Develop Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, & Data Views

    Our expects know the best practices for developing hierarchical relationships and data schemas that ensure the right information is accessible at the right time time.

    Machine Learning

    Let’s find the patterns in your large volumes data to help you make better business decisions with little to no human intervention.

Let’s Find Meaning in this Data

Our team ensures that whatever data you collect will have meaning.

Turn insights into growth opportunities

Once data is flowing in, we can help you make predictive decisions that grow your business’s bottom line and help your business maintain better relationships with your customers.

Extract and transform your data into insights

Delivering powerful insights relies on turning data into a format that is easily digestible. Our team are experts in visualizing your data so that executives within your company can easily interpret results with clarity and certainty.

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